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Full Stack Solutions provides state of the art scalable development, integration and automation services for your business.

Featured Projects:

Android app on Google Play - your favorite alt-webzine is now a cross-platform native mobile app for android + ios. Offline capabilities for airplane mode. Uses phonegap, jquerymobile, html5, websql. Integrates against a customized wordpress json api. - Your Event Digital - cross-platform native enterprise photo sharing app for ios + android. Uses phonegap, jquerymobile, html5. Integrates against customer django/python json api. Demonstrates authentication, filesystem/camera access, client-side thumbnail generation, ajax image upload.

Trendmeta is your source for meta-trend information. Every day it automatically looks up the latest twitter trends, does a search on each, and counts the number of times each trend is mentioned in the other current trend search results. It then sorts the list by most referenced, after which it publishes a wordpress post and tweets a teaser link. The latest tweet is shown in the sidebar in an embedded instance of the twanywhere twitter client. Like twanywhere, trendmeta is based on jquerymobile and an active sidebar, which dynamically hides and shows itself depending on device orientation and browser aspect ratio.

TwAnywhere is a cross-platform twitter client implementing responsive web design. Based on jquerymobile and sinitter, it showcases an adaptive interface and a consistent user experience across all desktop and mobile browsers.


No matter where the problems are in your stack, we have the expert design and implementation advice to fix them. Frontend, middleware, backend, hardware; we spec out solutions that will not only solve your current and future scaling and development issues, but also take your productivity into the stratosphere.


We integrate cleanly and organically when implementing features, coexisting peacefully alongside your existing stack, and carefully replacing legacy infrastructure with virtual analogues at your discretion.


Html5, css3, jquery and jquery-ui are our weapons of choice. We focus on browser-agnostic development, with the goal of identical presentation and branding on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and iphone/ipad mobile safari.

Web Server

Reverse proxies are a wonderful way to speed up that infrastructure. We will be happy to attend to your custom caching, virtual hosts and sinatra-style url routing needs with nginx, apache, and nodejs connect.

Application Server/CMS

No matter your application target, the choice of server-side middleware (or combinations thereof) can be daunting. Have no fear, our integration experience includes node.js, wordpress, drupal, and django, in addition to ruby on rails and enterprise java.


From traditional RDBMS sharding to nosql automated scaling, no dataset is too large. We have experience with mysql, cassandra, mongodb, and redis, among others.

Cloud Deployment

We specialize in deploying and scaling virtual private server infrastructure, with significant experience on Amazon ec2/s3 in addition to numerous other vps vendor platforms.


Rodger Ciano founded Full Stack Solutions in 2009 after a successful foray as Director of IT at, a web search and advertising analytics startup. With his guidance, affirmed by more than 15 years experience in all areas of internet technology including major initiatives at Fortune 100 companies, we have the vision to take your business to the next level.